About Physix

Physix by Vogel’s – Strong and Simple

Physix is a brand, founded by Vogel’s, one of Europe’s larger manufacturers of mounting solutions for flat screens, tablet & gaming consoles, audio/video equipment and projectors. We offer affordable solutions to mount your flatscreen TV to the wall. Our products are easy to install and easy to use and designed to be extremely durable.
Physix by Vogel’s = Strong and Simple…

Easy Install
You don’t need to be a handyman (or woman) to install Physix. It is simple and straightforward. Our clear mounting instructions guide you step by step (to view the manuals and the mounting movies go to Advice & Support)

There’s a Physix mount for every TV. To select the right mount size just keep 3 things in mind:

  1. The screen size of your TV;
  2. The weight of your TV;
  3. The horizontal and vertical distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV.

To make things easier, just go to our MOUNT MATCHER™ on the home page: select your specific TV brand and type, and we’ll show you all 100% compatible Physix mounts. There’s a Physix solution for every TV size, from 19″ (48cm) all the way up to huge 65″ (165cm) screens.

Our mounts are very tough. They can handle TVs from 20 kg up to 70 kg. All products have been rigorously tested according to the regulations of German Safety testing Organisation TUV.

To make things even easier for you, all possible mounting screws (for the wall as well as for the back of the TV) are included in the box. And that is not all: the wall screws and plugs we include are of top-quality. Created by Fischer Germany, the world’s leading fastening manufacturer.

Lifetime guarantee
You can trust Physix quality, and we are backing it up with a lifetime guarantee!

Lock release
We also add safe to strong and simple. Why? Every Physix mount comes with a lock-release mechanism! This means your TV securely clicks to the wall mount, preventing it from accidentally being knocked off. To unlock and release the TV, for example to add or remove cables, all you have to do is pull the red Physix tags.