Physix TV wall mounts – Frequently asked questions

Do I need a FLAT, TILT or TURN TV wall mount?
This depends on your viewing situation. If you will be sitting right in front of your TV and you want to mount your flat screen TV at eye-level, the FLAT mount is for you. If you will be sitting right in front of your flat screen TV, but you want to mount your screen above eye level (higher up on the wall or close to the ceiling), the TILT mount is your best choice. For maximum flexibility, choose TURN: point the screen left or right to where you are sitting for the best viewing experience.


Certain TV sizes seem to be compatible with two different wall mounts (for example a TV with a 42″ screen size can be mounted on a MEDIUM as well as a LARGE wall mount). Why is that?
This is because the distance of the mounting holes on the back of the flat screen TV vary per brand. For example, most 42″ TV’s have a distance between the holes that does not exceed 400mm horizontally and 400mm vertically, but there are some exceptions which have wider distances (and thus need a wider mount). This means the vast majority of 42″ TV’s would be compatible with the MEDIUM TV mount, but a few would need a LARGE TV mount.

Are all mounting materials that I need included in the box?
Physix by Vogel’s wall mounts come with all the needed mounting materials (screws and wall plugs) for fixation of the TV mount to the wall. Also included is a large variety of bolts/screws and spacers you might need for fixation of the mount to your flat screen TV.

The screws/bolts that were included to mount the adapter plate do not fit the holes on the back of my flat screen?
Use the included spacers if the screws/bolts are too long. Physix strives to include the correct sized screws for all major brands of flat screen TVs. In the rare case the included screws/bolts can not be used, please refer to your flatscreen TV manual for the required screw/bolt size and obtain them from a Do-It-Yourself store.

I’m done installing my Physix by Vogel’s wall mount, but I have not used all the screws/bolts that came in the box?
Don’t worry, this is normal. To be compatible with most flat screen TV brands we include more screws/bolts than needed.

Can Physix wall mounts be mounted on stud walls?
Yes, the wall plate has a distance between the mounting holes to match the most common stud distances (TV wall mounts in the category SMALL as well as all TURN wall mounts are mounted on a single stud). Stud mounting is explained in the Physix by Vogel’s mounting manual.

What exactly is the Lock-Release feature (the red tabs)?
The Lock-Release feature is a spring-mechanism that securely clicks your LCD or Plasma TV to the wall mount : no risk of the flat screen TV accidently falling (or sliding) off the wall mount! If you want to remove the flat screen TV from the wall mount, just pull on the red tabs and the mechanism unlocks. The red tabs can be shortened to remain just out of view behind your flat screen TV.