Installation support

All you need to know to easily choose and install your Physix by Vogel’s TV wall mount.

Choose a Turn and Tilt, Turn, Tilt or Flat Physix wall mount for your LED, LCD or Plasma TV.
Maximum flexibility! Enjoy your LED, LCD or Plasma flat screen TV mounted flat to the wall, and turn and/or tilt it towards you for a great viewing angle.
Lets you enjoy your flat screen TV from any angle, turn the screen up to 90 degrees to the left and to the right. Also helps to prevent glare, when the sun or a lamp reflects in your screen for example.
Wall mounts with a tilt function enable you to place your LED, LCD or Plasma TV in a higher position. They tilt your screen downwards for optimal viewing from a low angle. Tilting can also help in situations where (sun) light glares off your screen.
If all you want is to mount your flat screen TV very flat to the wall.

Choose between a small, medium or large Physix wall mount.
The size of your wall mount depends on 3 things:
1. The size of your flat screen
2. The weight of your flat screen
3. The hole pattern on the back of your flat screen TV
Use the Physix bij Vogel’s Mount Matcher™ to take out the guesswork: it will help you find exactly the right size for your TV. You can find the Mount Matcher on the Physix homepage.

Installing a Physix by Vogel’s wall mount is easy. Our mounts are pre-assembled, so you can start right-away. Product-specific mounting instructions are included with each product. See also our download section.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Attach the strips to your flat screen TV
2. Attach the TV mount to the wall
3. Hang the TV on the mount